Roses can be traced back to 70 million years ago. In Greek and Roman mythologies, roses are the symbols of love and beauty. They are also identified with the birth myth of the goddess Venus or Aphrodite. It is said that the goddess’s tears fell down to the ground and fused with the blood of her lover ‘Adonis’ who were killed by wolves. The blood and tears on the ground then turned into a dark red flower – a rose.

    The beautiful design of the package is inspired by the Greek and Roman classical architecture and the rose myth. The glass bottle is shaped like a Roman column with a delicate rose made from Sesbania in pastel shades to convey the fantasy and romantic feelings.

    Roses are classic flowers representing love

    and romance between the Greek goddess and god, Venus and Adonis. They also signify other things such as purity, care, and passion through different colors. We made our roses from the delicate flowers from a sola plant, dyed in sweet pastel colours, for you to give to others in any occasions.

    volume : 140 ml.

    Size :
    25.5 x 20.8 x 5.5 cm
    Available Colors/Fragrance :
    • pink/melon peony
    • blue/melon peony
    • grey/melon peony