• PUFF


    a potpourri is a combination of various flowers’ petals, spices, and fragrance oil mixed together with added scents to extend the fragrance’s longevity.
    People of any class with an adoration of the five senses of sight, sound, noise, taste, and smell are always in search of the perfect scent in various forms to please themselves and their loved ones. For Botanique, the perfect scent comes in the form of a potpourri. The materials we use are the best specific parts of each plant including seeds, petals, stalks, barks, and leaves. The attentive process leads to the design of a beautiful, fragrant potpourri to decorate houses and other places. We aim for a long-lasting beauty that stays with you for a long time unlike the wind-blown fleeing mists.

    Available Colors/Fragrance :
    • pink/lily & jasmine
    • blue/lily & jasmine