or all the dreamy girls, it’s time to release your imagination and crown with botanique “Girl’s bag”. The exclusive princess bag collection from botanique makes you feel relaxing in the palace garden.

    This girlish collection is waiting for your touch and possession. Inside the bag, there are a luxury glass bottle containing the sweetest fragrance and the pure white rattan with ribbons. This masterpiece set is ready to create a sweet and fabulous scent anywhere and anytime.

    Every bag material is made from the premium quality selection. Using special paper with beautiful vintage floral pattern. The meticulous process we made for the bag, you all can keep your precious things and be ready to travel anywhere with you.

    Volume : 120 ml & 30 ml

    fragrance :: sugar melon

    Size :
    9 x 28.5 x 19.5 cm
    Available Colors/Fragrance :
    • Sky Blue/Sugar Melon
    • Dark Gray Blue/Sugar Melon