April Melody



    When winter turns into spring, the beauty hidden under snow appears. Trees grow and flowers bloom, bringing out the enchanting colour of spring. Birds sing and glide in gentle breeze that sweeps leaves into the sky, creating a melody of nature and April’s fresh air.

    Harriet Elizabeth Prescott Spofford defines the beauty of spring as: “A gush of bird song, patter of dew
    A cloud and a rainbow’s warning;
    Suddenly sunshine and perfect blue

    An April day in the morning”

    We compared MALLARD to a melody and the accompanied vase a rhythm. Together, melody and rhythm creates the harmony of music. The vase is made of premium quality ceramic in an attractive shape and a unique pattern including a small 30ml. It is a perfect decoration for small space.

    volume : 100 ml x 1 and 30 ml x 1

    Available Colors/Fragrance :
    • blue/wind definition
    • pink/wind definition