• FLEUR Gold Seal

    FLEUR Gold Seal

    Collection “Blooming Blossom” is one of the best-selling collection of all time. To return favors to our loyal customers, we have added special features to the collection with a new premium design glittering golden box, a water drop shaped diamond hung by a golden ribbon, and pastel pearl attached to the rattan sticks of White Lady ones.

    The flowers made from Sola plant are created to represent the four seasons. As for the tree branch, we use White Lady stick that is peeled with the white layer remain. So we dye and decorate it with the Sola plant’s flowers. We carefully select each branch with similar shape so that the flowers can be placed evenly along the branches when we put the bundle inside the glass bottle.

    volume : 140 ml.

    Available Colors/Fragrance :
    • blue/ocean mint
    • pink/lily&jasmin
    • white/apple frosty
    • yellow/melon peony