• Rumour


    Botanique has developed exquisite fragrances in newly designed bottles with a renowned French company ‘Perfume House’ to find the most suitable fragrances that represent Botanique. We found a combination of soft and sweet fragrances made from premium ingredients distilled until we have perfume with high concentration and quality. New innovations are also used in the perfume production to guarantee the fragrances’ longevity and durability.

    The perfume is filled in a premium glass bottle with a handmade metal cap, produced piece by piece, coated in gold. The package is made of good quality paper in exquisite design which is strong enough to hold the bottle and is ready to use whenever you want.

    The mythical yet tempting fragrance of Woody and Floral Aromatic, the soft and celebrated Amber, and the luxurious Vanilla Floral Woody make Rumour the talk-of-the-town product.

    volume : 100 ml.

    Size :
    11 x 7.4 x 18 cm
    Available Colors/Fragrance :