The collection definition is freedom and strength beneath gentleness.

    A windmill is an invention with a unique shape; its beauty stirred by a flurry of air. We are inspired by glorious form and are ready to give you the Windmill collection. The products in this collection are perfect for decoration with scents designed in France. The two invigorating scents are the refreshing Citrus Green and the gentle but strong Musk Amber Cedar Moss. You can feel the cool, mild, fragrant breeze from Botanique’s unique pattern on canvas.

    With freedom wavering in the air, we use blue color to make you feel free and open to the limitless sky. The glass bottle is the latest model Botanique has to offer through the specific technology to create the best quality glass in the classic black color that is resistant of scratches.

    volume : 100 ml

    fragrance :: wind definition


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